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Advising Government Agencies

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Government agencies are complex entities, responsible to multiple stakeholders, and charged with a fiduciary responsibility to perform at a high level of excellence.

It is with this understanding – and the experience to support it – that Public Knowledge is proud to serve many of the leading agencies in the nation, including Health, Human┬áServices, and Transportation. Our team of qualified consultants specialize in project related risk identification and management, contract and procurement development, quality assurance and control, organizational development, strategic planning, assessments, and independent verification and validation (IV&V).

We are focused on the following programs:

  • Health
  • Human Services
  • Transportation

In these programs, we provide these services:

For more than twenty five years, Public Knowledge has helped our clients successfully plan and complete large-scale, high-risk initiatives providing project management, consulting, and facilitation services. Established specifically to address these projects in government agencies, this remains our primary focus.

Our clients extend across a diverse group of states, giving us a broad perspective on the political realities, organizational challenges, and opportunities involved in acquiring, implementing, and sustaining information systems and projects for government assistance programs.

Public Knowledge is the source for guidance and advice for government agencies.

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