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Advising Government Agencies

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Our Mission is Your Success

We are a national management consulting firm that exists to help government agencies solve tough problems and thrive in complex situations. We provide these management consulting services for projects, programs, and people.

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Our Story

Government agencies are our focus. We established our firm in the late 1980s to address the high rate of project failures for new technology systems. We have since extended our consulting services beyond systems to include all types of large-scale, high-risk initiatives. Our nationwide work gives us a broad perspective of the political realities, organizational challenges, and opportunities involved in running government programs and thriving in the complex government environment.

Why? Legislators, funders, citizens, and stakeholders demand quick responses to changing circumstances, wise spending, and effective outcomes. However, they also impose constraints that make it difficult to succeed. Further, their demands can conflict, and satisfying one party often displeases another. We help our clients navigate these opposing demands so they are respected and admired for their effective delivery of services and efficient use of resources.

Public Knowledge is the source for advice to government agencies.

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