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Melissa Davis

Melissa Davis M.P.Aff.

Eugene, OR

For more than 20 years, Melissa has helped public sector leaders identify strategic improvement opportunities, enhance strengths, and achieve desired outcomes at the community, city, county, and state levels. With a background in organizational development and project management, Melissa helps clients identify their vision for the future and design a strategy to achieve it. She consults on a wide variety of projects, including policy and program research, organizational change management, group facilitation and training, strategic planning, organizational and management assessment, leadership development, program evaluation, and performance measurement. She has also managed independent quality assurance teams for large technology projects since 2010. She currently consults primarily with state government agencies, specializing in public health and human service programs. She also works with law enforcement, transportation, and workforce development agencies in various states. Prior to joining Public Knowledge, Melissa worked in the health and human services field, providing direct service, policy research, and program management for public and nonprofit organizations. She holds a master’s degree in public affairs, and she is certified in Hogan Leadership Assessment Systems. She is trained in Technology of Participation Group Facilitation Methods through the Institute of Cultural Affairs.

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