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Lynn Cartwright

Lynn Cartwright

Salem, OR

Lynn joined Public Knowledge after a 41 year career with Oregon State government. During her time with the State of Oregon, Lynn helped shape the governance and project management of information technology in Oregon Department of Transportation. She managed large IT projects and developed sound processes to ensure quality systems were delivered. She worked closely with business to bring technology to Oregonians through projects that implemented Advanced Traffic Management, Tripcheck, Transportation Operations Center Software; which has been integrated with the State Police and multiple Oregon Counties. Lynn has built strong relationships with her customers to ensure that the business needs are met through information technology, and is known for her honesty. She was a key contributor to institute and mature the IT governance process at ODOT. Her projects have won national awards through ITS America, and NACSIO. In addition, Lynn was also a key player in the initial implementation of the Oregon Health Plan at the Oregon Department of Human Resources.

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