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Leah Steinle

Leah Steinle

Butte, MT

Leah has more than 7 years experience helping local, state, and private entities administer public health programs and implement IT systems. Her experience with state government allows her to understand the opportunities and challenges public programs face. She has helped implement several successful technology projects, including a State Agency Model (SAM) Management Information System (MIS) which made it possible for the state of Montana to employ health-related metrics and implement a quality program. Leah has experience with all aspects of the project delivery lifecycle, including planning, procurement, testing, training, and implementation. She played a vital role in procurement and implementation start-up activities for a Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) project in Montana. In addition to her experience with technology and public health programs, Leah brings a strong background in policy research and development, program implementation, quality improvement, contract administration, and data analysis.

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