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Jill Hooper

Jill Hooper

Olympia, WA

Jill has more than 25 years of experience in communications and organizational change management (OCM). She has expertise in change readiness, developing and implementing effective communication strategies for internal and external audiences, and content development. This expertise is coupled with strong organizational and research skills. Jill is adept at building high-quality, respectful, and trusting relationships, making her a skilled leader for organizational change. Having these relationships also facilitates understanding, consensus-building, and teamwork. She practices the ADKAR method of organizational change management (building awareness of the need for change, desire to participate and support the change, knowledge of how to change, ability to implement required skills and behaviors, and reinforcement to sustain the change), and enjoys fostering change management skills with new OCM teams. Jill’s background includes both state and private sector work around health care, employee benefits, public health, and IT projects. She is certified in Prosci and a graduate of the Northwest Public Health Leadership Institute.

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