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Greg Gamette

Greg Gamette PMP

Boise, ID

Greg has 18 years of consulting experience with public and private sector organizations. He has worked with numerous state agencies and large companies, helping them improve their use of information in decision-making processes. He has performed planning, design, implementation, data analysis, independent verification & validation (IV&V), quality assurance (QA), and other project management tasks for numerous state agencies, including Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wyoming. Greg also has a broad knowledge of Medicaid, TANF/SNAP, WIC, CHIP, HIPAA, ACA, MITA, Public Assistance Eligibility, and other state and federal programs. He completed a Masters degree at the University of Michigan School of Information where he focused research on how new information systems impact organizations and workgroups. He has past experience leading projects implementing business intelligence systems and financial reporting requirements in various state agencies. Additionally, Greg developed training materials and conducted training sessions for staff in various organizations, teaching them how proper analysis of information leads to better decisions and outcomes.

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