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Andrew Yost

Andrew Yost MA, JD, PhD

Denver, CO

Andrew is a licensed attorney, professional educator, and experienced leader in managing organizational change. He has expertise in developing purpose-driven mission statements, implementing new organizational structures, and evaluating project efficacy. He has worked with state dependency courts, child welfare agencies, public school systems, and the federal government to implement new initiatives and facilitate stakeholder engagement and partnerships. Andrew excels at effective communication and project management. He brings with him over a decade of experience as an adult educator and instructional designer. Andrew loves to develop engaging learning experiences in both an online and live environment. He is also skilled at bringing great ideas to life through the use of multimedia, infographics, online virtual spaces, and other technological platforms. He has honed his analytical and research skills and has a strong attention to detail. Andrew has worked in the private sector as a civil rights attorney and in the non-profit sector as senior counsel and policy advisor.

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