State agencies look to us for help with large initiatives whether it is the acquisition of enterprise systems for Medicaid, tackling problems with Child Welfare programs, or changing the way highways are funded. We help our clients succeed by providing independent quality assurance and management advice for their projects.


  • Alternatives Analysis (including procurement strategy)

    Your analysis of alternatives starts with having dependable, empirical information regarding cost, associated timelines, and resource needs for achieving your objectives. Once we identify the comprehensive information to understand the options, our alternatives analysis approach consists of a facilitated process that results in a clear, recommended option. The goal is to obtain a quantifiable “score” that objectively supports the funding and realization of your project.

  • Requirements Development

    Two separate studies have shown that up to 60% of system errors either originate in the requirements or are present by the time the system design is started. These defects are likely to result from requirements being omitted altogether or misunderstood by vendors. Our consultants combine extensive facilitation experience with documentation expertise to develop accurate and verifiable requirements. This results in fewer defects in downstream artifacts.

  • State & Federal Funding Requests

    We can help with drafting the business case, Initial Advanced Planning Document (IAPD), Advanced Planning Documents (APD), or other funding request documentation when you need state and/or federal funding approval. Our consultants have expertise in numerous program areas with very deep knowledge of the biggest line items in state budgets: Health, Human Services, and Transportation. We have a current working knowledge of all aspects of Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, TANF, child welfare, cash assistance, Child Support, and similar programs.

  • Requests for Proposals or Requests for Quotes

    You have made the decision to go outside of your agency for a system, service, or project. This can be an exciting time, but also risky. We write the RFPs or RFQs so that you get what you are paying for; ensuring you are buying what you need, and not more than you need, by telling potential bidders exactly what you want. We can also help with vendor identification and communication to be sure that you get the vendor attention that generates competition.

  • Evaluation (including strategy)

    You’ve released a procurement and now have all the responses back, but how do you ensure you pick the right vendor? We have a proven approach that begins with a Proposal Evaluation Plan (PEP) and includes the development of custom scoring sheets for submitted proposals as well as oral presentations. The risks during evaluation and selection can quickly undo even the best procurement plans. We help you avoid the gaming and protests that can result from inappropriate evaluation and cost scoring.

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