State agencies look to us for help with large initiatives whether it is the acquisition of enterprise systems for Medicaid, tackling problems with Child Welfare programs, or changing the way highways are funded. We help our clients succeed by providing independent quality assurance and management advice for their projects.


  • Alternatives Analysis and Procurement Strategy Development

    Your analysis of alternatives starts with having defensible information regarding costs, associated timelines, and resource needs for achieving your objectives. Our alternatives analysis approach consists of a facilitated process that results in a clear recommended option. The goal is to obtain a quantifiable score that objectively supports the funding and realization of your project while also considering the multiple quality factors involved.

  • Requirements Development

    We believe more than half of system errors originate in requirements or are present by the time the system design is started. These defects may result from omitted requirements or user misunderstanding. Our consultants combine extensive requirements research, facilitation experience, and documentation expertise to develop accurate, understandable requirements resulting in fewer defects in downstream products.

  • State and Federal Funding Requests

    We develop the business case or funding request documentation that you need for state and federal funding approval. Our consultants understand the program areas and approval requirements in state budgets, particularly for health, human services, and transportation programs.

  • Requests for Proposals or Requests for Quotes

    You have decided to go outside of your agency to acquire a vendor for an outsourced system, service, or project. This can be an exciting time, but also risky. We write requests for proposals or requests for quotes to meet your needs and ensure bidders understand those needs. We provide help with vendor identification and communication to generate vendor attention and competition, so you receive the best product.

  • Evaluation (including strategy)

    You released a procurement, and you have all the responses. How do you choose the right vendor? We have a proven approach that begins with a proposal evaluation plan and includes the development of custom scoring sheets for submitted proposals and oral presentations. The risks during evaluation and selection can quickly undo even the best procurement plans. We help you avoid the gaming and protests that can result from inappropriate evaluation and cost scoring.

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