State agencies look to us for help with large initiatives whether it is the acquisition of enterprise systems for Medicaid, tackling problems with Child Welfare programs, or changing the way highways are funded. We help our clients succeed by providing independent quality assurance and management advice for their projects.


  • Research

    We provide research to support your decision making. Our research is augmented by our already existing inventories and methodology to efficiently address your priorities. Our nationwide network of clients and consultants brings a wide range of best practices to our research efforts. We provide the alternatives and options to move forward based on timely, strategic, and relevant information.

  • Strategic Planning

    Whether you need to launch a small project or set the direction for an entire agency, we provide facilitation that guides leaders and staff in defining a vision, along with realistic strategies and timelines for achieving your vision. Our approach is structured and self-documenting, so you can quickly create the return on investment or other justification you need for state or federal funding requirements, such as advance planning documents or business cases, to move a project forward.

  • Assessments

    We perform independent program evaluations, organizational reviews, readiness assessments, and needs assessments. Each of our assessment approaches leaves the agency with an understanding of root causes, strengths, barriers, and a realistic path forward to meet a specific challenge or to begin planning for a specific initiative.

  • Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA)

    States use the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) to self-assess (SS-A) their Medicaid business processes. We offer traditional assessments or, for agencies in a hurry, a streamlined methodology delivering the same outcomes with less time and money. Either approach offers a clear path forward to modernizing state Medicaid IT and a well-defined concept of operations for project funding approval from CMS.

  • Business Process Redesign

    When it becomes clear that something needs to change, we help map your current (as-is) processes, identify an ideal future state for the program’s delivery of products or services (to-be), and complete a gap analysis between the two. A business process redesign effort will reveal needed changes to the integration of people, processes, systems, or structures, leading to more efficient delivery of products or services.

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