NASPO ValuePoint Procurement Contract

In 2019, Public Knowledge was chosen as a vendor for the PASS Cooperative Agreement. Learn more here.

NASPO ValuePoint Procurement Acquisition Support Services (PASS)

  • Why it all starts with procurement?


    We understand the challenges you face from changing requirements and regulations, increased demand for services, limited staff, funding uncertainties, and evolving technical environments. We understand that your workload is large and complex. Let us support you and safeguard your procurement success.

    We can support your procurements through our decades of expertise and clients have access to our services through the NASPO ValuePoint PASS, as well as established Master Contracts.

    Learn more about how we can support your procurements >>

  • How to navigate the CARES Act Funds for COVID19 Relief?

    The CARES Act appropriation allows states to use funds for necessary expenditures due to the public health emergency. We created a resource to help our clients with navigating the CARES Act funding to support in providing relief.

    Access our CARES Act Relief Resource >>

    As an approved NASPO Partner, we are able to assist our clients in a timely fashion to address the COVID19 challenges and are able to support in providing relief through our services. For more information on the PASS Agreement and states with Participating Agreements, please learn more or contact us or 1-800-776-4229.

  • Why Cooperative Agreements?

    Cooperative contracting allows you to collectively leverage your spending through a single multi-state procurement with competitive pricing and contract terms.  Under this agreement, you can access these consulting services very quickly.

  • Why Procurement and Acquisition?

    Procurement changed in the last few years. Even the way procurement is perceived has changed. It has become a high-level strategic function rather than a low-level process function. The intent of the PASS agreeement is to contract procurement and acquisition subject matter experts to supplement your knowledge and expertise in one or many areas of the acquisition lifecycle. It is meant to be project related, not to provide staff augmentation services.

  • What Services Can Be Provided?

    We support all stages of your acquisition, procurement, and contracting processes. We can support one step, one stage, or an entire procurement project.

  • How We Can Help?

    Contact us to discuss your project. We will arrange a complimentary consultation with one or more of our most senior consultants: or 1-800-776-4229.

    For more information on the PASS Agreement and states with Participating Agreements, please click here.

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