Organizational Development services to build high performing organizations, teams, and individuals.



  • Strategic Planning

    Whether you need to launch a small project or set the direction for an entire agency, we facilitate your planning process using an inclusive and engaging process. We guide your leaders and stakeholders as they define or refine a vision and come up with realistic strategies for achieving it. We never leave a strategic planning session without documenting clear actions, responsible parties, and defined timelines. Rather than gathering dust on a shelf, the resulting plans become guides for your organizational and programmatic decision-making.

  • Organizational Assessments

    We perform independent program evaluations, organizational reviews, readiness assessments, and needs assessments. Our assessments provide your agency with an understanding of root causes, strengths, barriers, and a realistic path forward to meet a specific challenge or to begin planning for a specific initiative.

  • Organizational Design and Redesign

    Organizational structures often change when leadership changes. Changing structure alone rarely leads to lasting results. We work with you to define or clarify your organizational vision and analyze your current state. We make recommendations and develop alternatives for consideration. We use collaborative facilitation and coaching to help leaders make informed organizational design decisions. Before we are done, we partner with leaders to ensure clear communication with staff through implementation.

  • Business Process Redesign

    Whether you need to improve core business processes or support implementation of a new system, we help you identify, plan, and implement process improvements and changes. We use a collaborative approach to map your current (as-is) processes, identify an ideal future state for the program’s delivery of products or services (to-be), and complete a gap analysis between the two. A business process redesign effort will reveal needed changes to the integration of people, processes, systems, or structures, leading to more efficient product or service delivery.

  • Organizational Change Management

    One thing we know about government agencies is that the only constant is change. We help agency leaders anticipate the impacts of changing conditions and expectations and respond with appropriate organizational change efforts. We help you choose the right change management model and communication elements for your organization and staff. A customized change readiness approach will win the hearts and minds of the people who work for your agency and make the change stick.

  • Leadership Development

    Whether you are doing succession planning or taking your organization to the next level, we help you create a custom leadership development program for your organization. We develop leaders by working on real problems rather than out-of-office trainings that use fictitious problems. Generational shifts in the workforce increase the importance of developing new leaders in government agencies. Your leadership development program can be stand alone or combined within your ongoing programs, projects, or other teams.

  • Training

    Training is an iterative process that begins with a needs assessment and development of learning objectives, leading to content delivery and evaluation of the learning transfer. The cycle starts again with a re-assessment of needs. Whether we assist with one element (such as planning) or with the entire cycle, your training effort will be evidence-based and adult learner-centered. All our training services focus on positively influencing the behavior of your leaders or staff.


  • Executive Governance and Governance Strategy

    Communication flow, including clear roles and responsibilities, is essential for smooth program and project delivery. We help you design and implement an effective governance structure that has the right people making the right decisions at the right times. We help you design processes that avoid communication breakdowns and ensure quality, timely decisions.

  • Leadership Team Development

    Strong leadership keeps your organization accountable to its goals and outcomes while responding to a changing landscape. You might need help designing and building a leadership team from scratch, or your existing team might need to get stronger. We help you develop a high performing leadership team by identifying team strategies, priorities, and goals; defining your team structure and functional approach; developing team behaviors that positively influence culture; and enhancing interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Team Alignment

    Team alignment removes obstacles to fulfilling the mission of your agency. When teams are aligned, they perform better and accomplish more. We use a collaborative and customized process to promote alignment around goals and outcomes, roles and responsibilities, processes and procedures. We work with teams at all levels to help get and keep people moving in the same direction while encouraging team norms and individual behaviors that support working relationships.

  • Meeting Design and Facilitation

    In a world of endless meetings we help you make yours count. We provide individualized meeting planning and coaching to help leaders pinpoint clear goals, desired outcomes, and participants. We then design your meeting and craft an agenda to support your goals. We facilitate your meetings or workshops using an inclusive and engaging approach that increases effectiveness and follow through after the meeting.


  • Leadership Development

    We coach agency executives and managers to use their talents to set the direction of the agency and ignite action. We achieve results using leadership and aptitude assessments along with insight gained from industry experience. This investment results in better decisions, effective relationships, productive staff, and improved delivery of public services and products.

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