State agencies look to us for help with large initiatives whether it is the acquisition of enterprise systems for Medicaid, tackling problems with Child Welfare programs, or changing the way highways are funded. We help our clients succeed by providing independent quality assurance and management advice for their projects.


  • System Implementation

    Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

    Our approach to IV&V is built upon the IEEE specifications, expanded to include other standards from International Organization for Standardization, Capability Maturity Model Integration, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Project Management Body of Knowledge. Our methodology relies on proprietary data and tools to address problems before they become schedule delays, budget overruns, or system components that don’t work. Well managed decisions based on our IV&V reports are invaluable to maintaining multiple reporting relationships between agencies at the state and federal level.

    Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)

    Quality oversight services is the process of ensuring interim and end products meet accepted standards and are of acceptable quality. We supplement the classic quality management approach to include forward-looking performance measures to provide state and vendor teams with practical recommendations based on empirical data. This provides our clients with an independent assessment of a project’s condition and realistic options for mitigating risks and quality issues.


    Our approach to certification involves a range of services from training agency staff to participating in certification reviews alongside our state clients. We do not wait until the end of a project to consider certification needs. We believe that understanding the standards by which your project will be assessed up front will reduce risk to the funding stream.


    Testing traditionally comes at the end of the project and is easily neglected as part of a schedule trade-off. We do things differently. As one of our consultants often said, “You really only need to test those features of the system that you care about…” Our clients get it. Testing is not something to be traded out for a rushed implementation. Our approach is to verify appropriate levels of testing are conducted throughout the software development lifecycle and avoid surprises.

  • Project and Risk Management

    We employ a standards-based approach to project and risk management based on the Project Management Institute guidelines. We help make big and complex projects easier to understand and implement. Our proprietary risk assessment tool includes insights and understanding from more than 30 years of industry specific projects.

  • Organizational Change Readiness

    We help agency leaders anticipate the impacts of changing conditions, and respond with appropriate organizational change efforts. There are numerous change readiness models, and we can help you choose the elements that are a best-fit for your organization. A customized change readiness approach will win the hearts and minds of the people who work for your agency and make the change stick.

  • Regulation Drafting and Analysis

    Policy and regulation drafting requires careful research, review, and analysis of federal, state, or agency rules against a research question or new initiative. Our approach to drafting rules, policies, and procedures saves your staff time and helps to streamline and clean up existing regulations. We can also help train your staff on the requirements in state or federal law or how to draft their own regulations.

  • Training

    Training is a cyclical process that begins with an assessment of needs and learning objectives and ends with delivery of training content and evaluation of results. The cycle starts again with a re-assessment of needs. Whether we assist with one element (such as planning) or with the entire cycle, your training effort will be evidence-based, adult learner-centered, and aimed at changing the behavior of your staff or leaders.

  • Leadership Development

    We coach agency executives and managers to use their talents to set the direction of the agency and ignite action. We achieve results using leadership and aptitude assessments along with insight gained from industry experience. This investment results in better decisions, effective relationships, productive staff, and improved delivery of public services and products.

  • Team Alignment

    When your agency experiences a leadership transition or identifies needed improvements within the existing organization, we provide the know-how to align people, processes, and systems. When teams are aligned, team members trust each other, engage in productive dialogue, and hold each other accountable. Team alignment removes obstacles to fulfilling the mission of your agency’s programs.

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