Consulting services to address COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis challenges

Public Knowledge designs special government agency consulting services to address COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis challenges. 


CHEYENNE, Wyo.,  July 17th, 2020 — Government Agencies across the United States have been required to adjust quickly to combat challenges produced by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis. In response, Public Knowledge has adapted its services to design three new service areas available help clients establish new ways forward: People DevelopmentProcess Improvement, and CARES Act Funding Grant Support 

“Public Knowledge is known for our ability to help our clients solve tough problemsAnd COVID-19 has created unfathomable challenges for our government clients. When we realized the longevity of the challenges our clients are dealing with, we felt a responsibility to identify new ways to help as quickly as we can,” expressed Stacey Obrecht, Public Knowledge Chief Executive Officer.  

Through the decades, Public Knowledge has witnessed how reduced or diverted resources can lead to service gaps that put clients and staff at greater riskState leaders are now inundated with changes that require multiple daily decisions. The complexity of government organizational structures, combined with multiple layers of oversight, can inhibit the rapid changes that are necessary to keep up with the current and growing demand. 

To help, Public Knowledge tailored three of its service areas to assist clients with the combination of budget shortfalls, unprecedented impacts on their workforce, and increasing need for services.  

  • People Development: Take quick-thinking action despite complex and layered organizational structures that make rapid change difficult. 
  • Process Improvement: Quickly assess activities to improve processes, reduce costs, and remove inefficiencies. 
  • CARES Act Funding Grant Support: Facilitate the grant and acquisition process to ensure the fair distribution of CARES Act Funding and reporting for the funding granted. 

If you are interested and would like to learn more, schedule a meeting with Senior Consultants at Public Knowledge – HERE  or visit to learn more.  Additional resources have been created to help government agencies and are available at 

More information regarding the specifically adapted services is available HERE.

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Public Knowledge is a national management consulting firm that helps government agencies solve tough problems and thrive in complex situations. We do this by providing managing consulting services to projects, programs, and people in government agencies.  

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