What does it take to be part of our team? We are looking for people who are…

  • Curious
  • Adaptive
  • Affirmative
  • Analytical
  • Creative

We are especially looking for people who are life-long learners that are equally fulfilled in their work and outside of work. All new hires are expected to bring something new and different to the firm. We are not looking for “cookie-cutter” candidates.

To apply, simply tell us a little about yourself and what you’re looking for in a consulting career.

Need help getting started?

  • Be concise
  • Let us know how you have made a difference in past employment
  • Use relevant experience
  • Let us know what you’re proud of
  • Let your personality shine through

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A note for career changers and employees in government.

Conflict of Interest

Public Knowledge does not recruit candidates from its clients or the other government agencies who provide professional references, contracts, or funding for our projects. If you are an employee, or a relative of an employee, of such an agency, we are happy to provide general information about the consulting industry and consulting as a career, but we will not discuss employment offers or specific positions with our firm without first getting permission from the affected agency. Also, if you are an ex-employee of a government agency there may be certain restrictions or prohibitions through state or federal “revolving door” laws or the terms and conditions of our government contracts.

Career Changers

With more than three decades of hiring experience behind us, we have found that hiring you in a change at mid-career or as a current employee of a state agency presents certain challenges for you and us. Candidates who come to us at a change in mid- or late-career are often surprised that their current earning potential doesn’t translate directly to their value as a consultant. We believe consulting, as a professional discipline, requires a set of skills and aptitudes in order to meet our clients’ needs. Those skills are not typically developed in other careers but can be learned through on the job training. We welcome discussions with candidates who have been successful in other careers, however be aware that your income as a consultant will be based on your abilities as a consultant, not your previous career path. The successful candidate in this situation is one that is willing to invest their time and earning potential in developing their consulting skills with Public Knowledge.